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          Image Credit: 萨斯喀彻温省理工学院
          Image Credit: 萨斯喀彻温省理工学院


          App aims to manage mental health in the workplace

          Caroline Hoffart and her community partners are working to create tools to overcome workplace mental health hurdles and literally put them in people’s hands via their smart phones. 

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          Mental health hurdles come in several categories, Hoffart explained. Some people have a long-term mental illness that has kept them out of the workplace for a long time, making re-entry difficult.

          “Then, we have those people that are working that become ill within the workplace because of the stresses within it,” she said. 

          The research project is a collaboration among Sask Polytech, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Saskatchewan Division and Saskatoon marketing and tech innovation company Refresh Inc. It is funded through a two-year, $240,000 NSERC grant through the College and Community Social Innovation Fund. 


          At the same time, Refresh is developing a wellness platform and app with Sask Polytech’s Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE). Much like physical health apps, the Refresh app is designed to help people monitor and nurture their mental health, create a supportive peer network and link to services in the community.

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          “Insurance companies seem to be finding it very challenging because it’s the largest growing sector that they’re having to support,” he said.

          照顾 - Mental Health

          照顾 - Mental Health

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