Why Sask Polytech?

Our grads get jobs

Our focus on hands-on learning earns us top marks with employers 和 develops marketable skills that prepare you to contribute from day one on the job.

Work-integrated learning
Applied research opportunities
Close ties with business 和 industry
employment rate within six months to one year of graduation


Approximately two-thirds of 我们的节目 offer a work-integrated, learning component to gain real-world experience. The blend of knowledge, skills 和 experience you’ll acquire here is a big advantage in today’s job market.

Depending on your program, you may participate in:

  Clinical placements Clinical placements

口腔卫生Dental Assisting students gain experience working with a licensed dental team in our campus clinic.


  Co-op work terms Co-op work terms

Co-op work terms are an essential part of the business program 和 class time simulates the business workday.


  设备时间 设备时间

学生 Geomatics 和 Surveying Engineering Technology get hands-on training with electronic survey instruments 和 satelite receivers.


   Field investigations Field investigations

Environmental Engineering Technology students participate in projects related to environmental assessment and monitoring the air, soil 和 water.


   实验室 实验室

学生 Graphic Communications learn about leading software applications by using them in their labs.


   机械时间 机械时间

Agricultural Equipment Technician students spend most of their "classroom" time in the shop.


   实习 实习

Disability 支持 Worker students get direct experience in two practicums with residential, vocational centre-based or community-based agencies.


   户外营地 户外营地

学生 Recreation 和 Community Development students reinforce what they learn in the classroom at fall 和 winter camps.


Find solutions to real-world problems

Team up with business, industry 和 community partners on applied research projects to find solutions to real-world problems.

Participating in applied research shows you how classroom learning translates into real life 和 is a great confidence booster that prepares you to meet the challenges of today's workplaces.

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Relevant, future-focused programs

We keep our eye on the future. We work closely with industry to ensure 我们的节目 meet employers’ needs. 

As the nature of work evolves with automation, artificial intelligence and other technologies entering the workplace, rest assured that you’ll have the right skillset to remain productive 和 competitive. 

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